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The Diplomat – A world of extremes!

By Alessandra Goio

Finally, spring! The sun is shining again and the new edition of the Diplomat will soon be published. This time we decided to explore the extremes that characterise our world.

Today, when we think about something extreme, we immediately link this idea to the world of Islam. To make us understand from where Islamist terrorism comes from, Jana drew a historical overview of this phenomenon. However, Alessandra reminds us that extremism is not just about Jihad and ISIS, but it can happen everywhere if the right conditions are met. Ilaria colours the debate by looking at eco-terrorism. She looks at the violent practices adopted by movements fighting in the name of animal and the environmental rights, when protection is not guaranteed by the authorities.

Extremism also manifests itself in the realm of Western politics, and this is the central theme of Alex’s article. Narrowing down the focus to Europe, Victoria and Gesine analyse the rise of Pegida in Germany as one form of extremism against another.

Extremes are not just about politics, but they are all around us. Zach looks into natural disasters as extreme phenomena. As global warming threatens our future, he investigates whether instances of extreme weather should still be considered as such, or if they are becoming the norm.

Sebastian focuses on the economy and its extreme manifestations and staying in the realm of economics, Marta turns the spotlight on to corporations. She tries to determine how dangerous their interests can become for the sovereignty of the modern State. Patricia adopts an historical point of view as she analyses the Spanish Inquisition. At that time, what we call now extremism was the norm.

Extremes can be studied also in psychological terms. This is what Lucia does, by exploring the world of Facebook and its consequences on human behaviour. Lifestyles can be also extreme and in order to explain this Kaloyan refers to the example of the movie “Rush”. Last but not least, Maddy looks at the opposition between anthropocentrism and eco-centrism. They represent two world views for the future of our planet.

This is just a taste of what the Diplomat is going to be about. If you want to feed your mind with interesting ideas and opinions, the Diplomat is definitely for you.


A Journey Deep into the Heart of Maastricht: Part I of II

A Photo Blog story by Pino- Sun Becker with Judith Schuermans

This Photography Blog intends to explore the rich facets of Maastricht’s population. Random people have been asked several questions on the streets of an even more random nature. The idea behind this project was to capture the ever-changing multicultural spirit, which forms the heart and soul of our community.  These photos tell stories of the people of Maastricht.

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