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Complex Maastricht – how to throw a party

By Vincent Brenn

If you are into the techno and or deep house scene, then this article about the new, established underground club Complex Maastricht is the right information you want to read about now. The information that is being revealed on the Internet is mainly found on Facebook and on the homepage.  According to the description on Facebook, all events until September are ‘construction’ parties to make the location appealing to students and to set a constant demand for the parties at this location.

            Jeff Mills will set the grand opening in September 2016. Nevertheless, in April this year, Mees Dierdorp, Sandeep and especially Fritz Kalkbrenner warmed us up by playing extremely well, letting the crowd go crazy. The underused music hall will re-establish itself into an underground club of Maastricht, playing mainly techno, deep house and other deep electronic dance music. This is what the Luc Boers, organiser of the Complex Maastricht, promised. For further clarification what Complex Maastricht is all about, I have contacted Luc to conduct an interview with him. The following questions are about creating a general understanding of the invention of Complex Maastricht.

How did you come up with the idea of Complex Maastricht?

Luc: The ambition always was an own event location when we started with events back in 2010. The idea really got big when I met Hans-Paul Nieskens. His mind was just the same as mine and we looked for venue’s in Maastricht with a night permit till 05:00 and the Music Hall, in the middle of the centre, was big but perfect.

To what extent is Complex connected to the other events going on in Maastricht, Strictly Vinyl and the “Fest.” parties?

Luc: Complex Maastricht is just an event location that can be rented by organizations such as Strictly Vinyl or Fest, or anyone else who has a good idea to throw a party! We will do 2 Claydrum parties every year with the biggest headliners in the underground genre like Fritz Kalkbrenner or if we can make it work with his brother Paul 😉

What is the concept behind Complex and who came up with Claydrum in the first place?

Luc: In 2010 I started Claydrum when I noticed that the techno (underground) scene in Maastricht was really small and I just love techno music. The first party ( with headliner Sandeep was sold-out (350 visitors) and almost everyone loved it. From that point, I worked my ass off to raise the bar every year for 6 years now and that is also what our (Hans-Paul and me) new concept Complex Maastricht is all about: raising the bar of underground clubbing in Maastricht. With Complex Maastricht, the underground scene can grow again with events till 2000 people. The Grand Opening of Complex Maastricht with living legend Jeff Mills will be on the 24th of September with a top notch show and sound-system.

What was Complex before you reinvented it and who owns the former Music-hall?  Luc: Complex Maastricht is a whole new concept in the venue formerly known as Music Hall. This rough diamond near the centre of the city was never properly exploited cause of the colours and awful black/white tile floor. We put a new sound absorbing floor in and painted everything inside black as a wormhole to give the venue a club feeling and I think we succeeded. Everyone wants to see and feel it!

Is Complex/Claydrum a student initiative?

Luc: Neither. Claydrum is just an event organisation for every techno lover, Complex is a club/venue for events for everyone who loves partying but we will have a lot of student parties so in some ways it is student-centred.

Is it true that the Gemeente Maastricht also has its share of the financing of Complex?

Luc: No, that’s not true, we finance everything with our companies.

How many people came for Fritz Kalkbrenner?

Luc: The event with the German master Fritz Kalkbrenner attract a massive 1900 visitors.

Apparently the organizer of Complex and Muziekgieterij are competing and have become rivals, is this true?

Luc: Complex Maastricht will fill in the gap of the Muziekgieterij and the huge Mecc Maastricht location. Muziekgieterij has a capacity of 900 now (in the future of 1400), Complex Maastricht has a capacity of 2000 and Mecc of 7000. In every big city, there are several locations and they are all competing with each other, that is perfectly normal. Every location has it’s pros and cons and I think it only will get better in Maastricht. This will be the centre of underground music what attracts a lot of people from the region to Maastricht and that is perfect for society.

Are you starting a new concept of daily / weekly events?

Luc: No, we only do co-productions and if the  opportunity arises that we can book a big name such as Fritz Kalkbrenner we do it as a Complex Night.

What is the target group of Complex Maastricht? 

Luc: We do our best to reach all the underground music lovers, international and local students, young creative minds and everyone who wants to join our community. That’s why we have our motto: “Born from our love of underground dance, cold beer and fine food. It’s been quite a journey”