Behind the scenes of EuroMUN

By Marta Ziosi

As the blue headline on the EuroMUN site suggests, just 5 days and few hours separate us from the start of the largest Model UN conference in Continental Europe. The following days will present us with councils entangled in discussing the World’s current ‘hot topics’ in heated debates. Candidates from all over Europe will engage in a quest for real-world solutions surrounding the main theme of ‘Restoring Stability, Pursuing Peace, Security and Human Rights’.

During the day, the participants will be found in their formal clothes dealing with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the delicate situation in Ukraine or the Civil War in Syria, while during the night they will set their ‘Party Animal’ spirit free at the various social programs. However, a successful conference is not solely about the outcome, and what most of us is going to experience is merely the tip of the ice-berg.

Indeed, an enthusiastic team of young people has been relentlessly working behind the scenes for the past few months with the aim of assuring a thoroughly smooth and successful conference. We, the Press Team, decided to give a voice to the actors behind the scenes and, in order to know more, we decided to interview the very director of this spectacular conference; namely Aletta Buhler, the Secretary-General of EuroMUN.

Aletta Bühler
Aletta Bühler

Aletta is a current student in Maastricht University, focusing her interdisciplinary studies on International Relations, Development and Business. What distinguishes her from a normal student is her strong ambition and passion, the two main factors that have drawn her into taking up the Model United Nations challenge. Aletta has been extremely busy lately and she kindly invites us to conduct the interview in her office, what has lately become her new house. We are first curious to know the general guidelines surrounding her task.

First of all, she is in charge of coordinating all the various sub-teams and committees organizing the conference. Second, her position dominates all the other tasks, leading her to hold important responsibilities. ‘What is the main challenge?’ we enquire. The key-word is prioritising. Indeed, coordination is nothing without a pondered selection of hierarchical tasks. Moreover, Aletta reminds us about the difficulties in merging a whole range of different personalities working together.

‘How would you describe yourself?’ Aletta is proud to be a perfectionist and she reveals to us her main expectation for the conference. She yearns for every participant to be happy and content. ‘Chaos is expected’ she announces, ‘but I won’t let it show!’. Every big event has a potential for tension and the unforeseen waits behind the corner. However, Aletta and the team are ready to skilfully tackle them.

A life motto seems to have guided her so far, ‘Laughter translates into every language’. The application of this thought to the preparation of the conference is a really interesting one. The EuroMUN team is extremely diverse and international, the days before the conference are marked by long meetings, and misunderstandings may leave room for tension. Nevertheless, Aletta reveals to us that many apparent situations of tension within meetings have been resolved by sudden outbursts and crying of laughter. In the end, the time has come to get back to work and we ask our Secretary-General to leave a message for all the participants, ‘Show your diversity and let this be what brings you together’. Could a better message suit the utterly diverse and comprehensive nature of an MUN? We bet not.

Lastly, we want to wish best of luck to Aletta and the whole EuroMUN team. As far as the Press Team knows, they are all extremely good dancers besides beings organizers and they will delight us with extraordinary dance moves at every social event. Thus, a lot of fun is expected. Now, the only missing ingredient is you, the future participant reading this article. The conference awaits you to finally come to life!


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