Post-MUN depression very much in order!

By Jana Echterhoff, Lucia Barbier and Marta Ziosi

Debating, partying and enjoying the lovely University and city of Hamburg – that is one very brief summary of UNSA delegation’s past weekend up north. The more than 50 delegates and chairs from Maastricht did not only highly enjoy the fruitful debates, but made them fruitful in literal sense. With two best delegates, two distinguished delegates and four honourable mentions as well as two best position papers, the past days were successful from a wide range of perspectives.

To start with the first day – Thursday: apart from some first debates to get acquainted with the procedures, the social program was relatively left to everyone’s own organisation. This does not mean, however, that the Maastricht students did not know how to make use of the newly achieved “big city life”. No matter whether it was the burger restaurant “Hans im Glück” or the “Reeperbahn”, this evening was only a slight hint of what was expecting everyone during the next days.

HamMUN Diplomat (10)                  HamMUN Diplomat (4)

On Friday morning, a whole day of sessions was waiting for everyone. More or less fruitful debates and hard decisions that already had to be made gave everyone a feeling of how it must feel like to be a Diplomat. Whereas the European Parliament or the Council of the EU intensively discussed about the Banking Union and Frontex Border Controls, the Crisis-Team had to deal with some severe problems between the world’s big powers. After a six and a half hours session in the afternoon with a lot of new input, every single delegate was simply relieved  to have managed this long day. This was particularly due to the now waiting party on Reeperbahn – not all of the 500 delegates came, of course, but it was still totally worth it to get a taste of Hamburg’s extravagant nightlife.

HamMUN Diplomat (1)                HamMUN Diplomat (2)

Saturday morning then saw some first resolutions. Small steps towards success – for most delegates, the intensive debates of the previous day paid off. One more reason to look forward to THE highlight of these four days in Hamburg: the Diplomatic Ball. In the city’s town hall. With an open bar. Any further explanation required? The whole MUN-spirit could be felt during this event, the committees mixed and mingled and, of course, the Maastricht delegation celebrated its team-spirit with an overwhelming “closing-act” (even if there was still one day ahead).

HamMUN Diplomat (17)

This day, the following Sunday, was hence – varying from delegate to delegate – connected to applying the newly achieved skill of debating despite the previous intensive social program. UNSA managed, however. The resolutions and amendments that were debated could finally be concluded some of them failed, but quite a lot passed in the end.

Fortunately, a bus took back most of Maastricht’s tired students, so that they could let the last days pass by for a bit and calm down. And, fortunately, this was only the first MUN to which Maastricht has sent such a big delegation. ScotMUN and EuroMUN are still about to come – this might help to combat the “post-MUN depression”, which is very much in order!

HamMUN Diplomat (19)

How did the UNSA delegation like this MUN in Hamburg? Some voices, some impressions!

“As the head delegate of UNSA Maastricht I can speak on behalf of the whole UNSA board and I can only say how amazed and delighted we were to see the great spirit at HamMUN 2014. Students from various UNSA committees as well as passive members got to know each other and cherished the UNSA family feeling. Even though they extensively enjoyed the social program they were still successful at the MUN. Let’s keep up this unique spirit and have a good time at upcoming MUNs!” – Constanze Grees

“Hammun was a conference with international experiences, conversations and ideas inside and outside of the committee rooms! It was a great event that managed to make discussions and debates of solutions to the world’s current issues as enjoyable as possible.” – Anastasia Botsi

“HamMUN was simply an unforgettable experience, thanks to UNSA for such an outstanding delegation!” – Anne Flotho-Liersch

“Except for Kingsday, this was the best weekend I had this year – Amazing people, awesome party, beautiful city.” – Jonathan Ulrich

“I enjoyed HamMUN because it involves working in a multidisciplinary setting and international environment with people with similar ambitions and prospectives.” – Sarah Harvey-Kelly

“Thinking about HamMUN 2014, the only thing I can muster is the feeling of thank you to all the people that made this conference as amazing as it was. Between the incredible delegates of the United Nations Security Council and everyone from UNSA Maastricht, each one of them made this experience unforgettable as it was. Simulating is always a lot of fun, and a great learning opportunity, but doing it in Hamburg gave it a special touch, allowing us to visit this great German city. This experience made me even more excited for EuroMUN!” – Raphael Dias



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