“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”…

By Alice Nesselrode, Lucia Barbier and Jana Echterhoff

…or how did the UNSA family like this year’s Christmas Special with Ice Skating on the Vrijthof?

“I really enjoyed the Christmas Special! Ice skating was something I have missed from Finland and it was amazing to share the experience with the whole UNSA family together on the ice.”

– Hanna Ojanen

“For every fall there was a helping hand to get up!”

– Stefan Zeng

“It was the perfect way to celebrate the first day of winter, the Glühwein was delicious, Panayiotis was an extreme kamikaze skater.”

– Beth Goodwin

“Well, as you can see from the pictures I love the friendly and familiar atmosphere, to which the wine greatly contributed!”

– Heleen Coenen

“A great way to start the December: Glühwein, lots of fun with great people and Christmas feeling coming along- definitely recommendable!”

– Alice Nesselrode

“I really enjoyed some Christmas atmosphere and fun with nice people and getting my head off Uni for some time made me look forward to the holidays even more!”

– Lisa Hermanns

“Christmas and ice skating belonged together for me since childhood: cheesy music, colorful lights, round after round on the ice and afterwards hot chocolate to warm you up. Take that childhood memory, replace hot chocolate for mulled wine and you had the lovely UNSA Christmas special!”

– Sofia Botvinnik

Tomorrow, UNSA Maastricht will send more than 50 delegates/chairs to HamMUN 2014. Check out the Diplomat to keep informed about what is going on up north!


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