Walking Dinner – Food Marathon in three Episodes

By Alice Nesselrode

Dinners are fun. Especially, when you have them with friends, and especially, when you have to cook only one course. Now, imagine having that dinner with a friend and four complete strangers. Sounds weird? Not at all, actually! That was at least the general impression of the Walking dinner, organised by UNSA, which took place last Wednesday, the 19th of November. For those of you who do not know what a walking dinner is, here a brief explanation: The dinner is divided into three courses – the starter, main course and dessert – which take place at three different places. You pair up with a partner, with whom you will stay together for the whole evening, preparing one course yourself and hosting two other pairs for that. After every course you have to change locations – hence, walking dinner. Or, in the case of Maastricht, more like cycling dinner. Or, in my case, the rolling dinner- since it was a lot of food.

Before the event I was quite sceptical: How would I be able to have the starter at someone else’s place, then go back to my own place to host the main course, and then go for dessert somewhere else again? And wouldn’t it be awkward to sit somewhere with six -possibly- complete strangers? What if I don’t have enough space or they don’t like my food?

After a maximum of two minutes at the house of the first host I realized that those worries were nonsense. We were actually eight people in general for the starter, including two reporters from Breaking Maas, and I did not know two of the other three pairs. However, that was not a problem at all. In contrary – it was a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends! The food, including meatballs and garlic-cheese-bread, was delicious and the time filled with laughter. Too soon we already had to leave again to get back to my place and serve our guests the food that my buddy and I had prepared beforehand – Wraps (okay, I admit, not very creative, but hey, at least I didn’t burn anything with my non-existing cooking skills).

The guests were easy to satisfy and everybody was very understanding concerning the little chaos we had before everything was actually ready, since we all arrived at the same time. Again, the fact that I did not know any of them was not weird at all, it was a very nice chance to talk to other UNSA members, get to know things about other committees and take off your mind from university for one evening.

Unfortunately, my buddy and I did not make it to the desert, since the host was living very far outside of the city centre and we already had started the main course with a delay – it was a shame, next time I’ll make sure to get it all more in time so I won’t have to miss another course. After dessert, we were all going to meet up at Ed’s cafe for a beer, which turned into a funny possibility to share the made dinner-experiences with other friends, maybe ask one of the hosts for a recipe for one of the courses and just have in general good laughs with friends. All in all, the walking dinner experience was a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend to participate so, who knows, maybe see you next time for one of the courses!


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