Speaker’s Corner invites to engage!

By Dominika Cimirska

The Speaker’s Corner of Maastricht has taken place for the third time in Maastricht and a fourth event is coming up. Essentially, the Speaker’s Corner is a platform for anyone to come up on stage and share their ideas or projects with the audience. The sound of it promises an enriching experience for both the observer and the person standing on stage. The accomplishment thereof is probably as difficult as standing on stage trying to engage with the audience and to connect on a more personal level. Witnessing various speakers talk about their mostly business oriented ideas was a realisation that the School of Business and Economics was in walking distance.

Established by a former Media Culture and IB student, who is still studying, the Speaker’s Corner is a young business idea with much potential to grow. Robert who is one of the founders and holds a Masters degree in Media Culture from Maastricht University, is now a public speaking coach. He explains that he envisions a triple win situation where the speakers, the guests and organisers altogether benefit from the experience.

Personally, I was very inspired by a project called the “Love Foundation” which aims at sharing love to help provide clean drinking water and sanitary installations to people in rural India. Nick Steiner and David Caspers who are also students came up with this wonderful idea in 2013. Together with an open network of students, activists and artists, they organise a variety of activities, ranging from arts exhibitions to music events, the next of which is occurring 2nd December. A foundation run by Maastricht University students who know how to network, you can see where the love goes by following their projects on facebook or their website. I’d say it’s time to share the love.

The final speech on how facing your fears can transform you into the person you were born to be, was held by an outstanding young woman called Sangbreeta Moitra. She was amazing in connecting with the audience and managed to show that public speaking is an art in itself. Sangbreeta Moitra is a public speaker and trainer working in The Netherlands. She is the Dutch champion of public speaking (2013, 2014) and placed third in a European contest for public speaking in 2013 and 2014.

Check out her video on our Facebook Site!


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