Happy 8th Birthday UNSA! We are Family!

By Victoria Angel

The motto, on top of the invitation of the UNSA 8th Birthday party said “study hard, party harder”, and that is quite describing for UNSA’s members.   Through the magazine, “The Diplomat” or through EuroMUN (Model United Nations for students), UNSA spreads international spirit in Maastricht.

On the 8th of October, the different Committees came together for the first time this academic year. I, for my part attended the UNSA Journal Committee, which publishes “The Diplomat”, three times a year and also has its own blog. The group was mixed, from every aspect; for instance, people from America, Germany, Italy and Romania. But there were also people from many different study programs, which is characteristic for UNSA. It does not matter where you come from, or what you study, the only thing that counts is to be enthusiastic about a field and willing to engage in it.

After the various Committee meetings, all UNSA members gathered at the Aula of the Maastricht University head office. During the General Members Assembly (GMA), the heads of the Committees shortly introduced their aims for the upcoming academic year and the president, Jonas Nitschke outlined what will be special about UNSA this year. The Association aims to grow closer together and get more linked. The different committees should work together, to achieve more than ever. After introductions were over, everybody strolled outside, where a glass of champagne was expecting everyone of us. The enthusiastic mood was even being crowned.

The intention of bounding already started in the further course of the night, namely as the whole group of new and old UNSA-members walked to Twee Heeren together. It was interesting to see what kind of people were interested in which kind of committees, and to hear what was going on in the other committees. Even more: people also had the possibility to exchange themselves about their homes, their studies and all that in the surrounding of a really relaxed atmosphere. The later the night, the louder the music, you did not have the feeling of being with people you just met. So, as far as I am concerned, the first night with UNSA definitely worked out, as it was said to have been planned earlier at the GMA.


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