Radio Frappè

by Sofiya Gaydardzhieva

You can find it at:

Cool frappes never cease to please,the iced foam lid covering its cool, burly glass is the perfect companion on a summer’s day.  Like the drink it was named after, Radio Frappé is refreshing and meant to be enjoyed by all. Its founders are four students from Maastricht University who were as excited to talk about their new project as I am happy to share their message.


I met Alex, Matteo and Jan, three of the four founding members, during the WE Festival kick-off barbecue on a sunny afternoon at Landbouwbelang. The Landshuis, a small wooden cabin mounted on a tree above the LBB garden, provided a cosy atmosphere and a great view over the happenings – the perfect place to have a first live radio show! Indeed, the fledgling radio project was making its debut, featuring fresh music and live interviews with some of the WE Festival participants. And this was just the start;  Alex revealed that there was a lot more to come, with ideas brimming with potential to promote culture throughout Maastricht and Limburg. The concept behind the radio is to bind the people of Maastricht on a common platform, allowing everyone to discuss ideas, share their passions, to tell their stories and to inspire. All this is framed by a versatile musical theme that offers soul, hip hop, jazz, world music, Balkan and African music – every type of tune the audience would enjoy. Radio Frappé and its founders, who come from various cultural backgrounds, reflect the spirit of Maastricht as a colourful student city with both a European and global perspective.

How did it all start? Matteo and Jan were friends in high school where they had their own band, while Alex had already gained some experience in radio before coming to Maastricht. It was here that they joined forces towards a common project: to diffuse their passion for music on the radio. Later, Kilian kicked in and the four of them started working hard to mount their first live radio show. For a year, Alex, Matteo, Jan and Kilian were saving up for professional equipment and putting countless hours and ideas into the project, which was finally aired for the first time on Tuesday the 6th of March. From now on the four students are eager to transmit their message on radio waves whenever possible, aiming to reach people in and out of Maastricht and to empower them to share their ideas as well.

For a taste of the real Frappé, you can either grab yourself a glass, throw in some coffee, fruits and ice or tune in to Radio Frappé on for a refreshing mix of culture and music. And why not enjoy both at the same time?





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