New year, new Me!?

by Kaschayar Javadi

Everyone has his or her own style of New Year’s resolutions. Some might be very standard and simple, like getting up earlier, doing more sports or travelling. Some are very deep and all-embracing. People want to change their whole personality and become a completely new person.


But what does it make the people think that they need a new year to realize their purposes? Self-improvement is an on-going process, requiring permanent handling of your character, your intentions and your attitude. Of course this can be positively influenced by some external factors, but not by the number 2014.
If we really want to change ourselves we not only need goals, but true willingness and the exact knowledge of how to achieve these goals.

Real motivation comes from the insight and is not dependent on the time of the year. The reason why New Year’s resolutions fail in 99% of all cases could be that it actually became a tradition to set them. People make them because they have to. In fact, we all actually have certain goals and things we want to change and that is surely a good thing. It is supposed to be like that. But we simply set these goals as new year’s resolutions and hope that the rest is done by the changes, which will appear in the New Year and which will help to realize our objectives. It is time to wake up.

If you really want to change yourself, there is no WHEN or HOW.
You have to start immediately.  You, and only you, are able to change yourself. You have to figure out how. Be accurate. If you want to become more successful in you career set a specific goal, e.g. a position you want to reach. If you want to loose weight, set an exact number of kilograms you want to see on the scale. And so on. There is nothing but yourself that can help you achieving these things. If you truly want it, there is no one who can stop you. But do not betray yourself and mention these goals simply as new years resolution, just to forget them after the hangover of January the 1st. These goals are part of your character and in order to stay true to yourself, you owe yourself the accomplishment of these objectives.

Happy New Year.


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