Dirty Dancing

by Laura Schmitz

Everybody knows those musicals like “Dirty Dancing”, “Grease” and “Flashdance” or the more modern counterparts such as “Step Up”. It’s all about singing, obviously, a big love story behind. Don’t worry; this is not another homage to love stories and their sweet’n’happy endings. It’s all about the dancing part. So, here’s the question: how does it look like when you’re out in some club, at a house party or a bar with good music? You may think you look incredibly sexy and professional while you’re actually embarrassing yourself. Well, let us hope you don’t. If you’re at a party, not completely drunk or on any kind of drugs, you might be able to observe what’s happening around you. So take your time and watch people around you – it will be a lot of fun and will certainly make you smile.

Welcome to de Alla, my friend.
Welcome to de Alla, my friend. I’ll be your guide.

You might recognise different dancing-types; naturally depending on the music and the occasion. But even within the different music styles, some dancing-(stereo)types are all the same. The most conspicuous type is the “jumping-jack” type. People that absolutely do not care whether there is no space or a full glass of beer in your hand. They jump strangely, throw their hands and legs up in the air as if there’s no tomorrow. They have fun in their own way, enjoy the party, music and drinks and most importantly: they don’t care about what other people think.

Then, there’s the other extreme: the “calm spectator”. People quietly ‘enjoying’ the music by just standing around, closing their eyes, nodding with their head in the rhythm of the music (or completely beneath the rhythm, depends), maybe even moving one feet up and down. The spectator resists all efforts of his friends to get him/her to actually dance and move more than just one body part at the same time.

Between the two extremes, there are a couple of other types: the “person that actually knows how to dance” –type and the “shy dancer”. To begin with the former, these persons seem to know exactly what they are doing. Every move is well though-out and they confidently dance in the club; not only enjoying the music but especially enyoing the attention and how they make everyone else look bad while dancing. Those people have a natural gift and could have been imported from the “Step Up” movies. Nevertheless, they are rare species threatened by extinction, especially here in Maastricht.

The “shy dancer”-type can be distinguished into two sub-categories; the male shy dancer and the female shy dancer. The male shy dancer has absolutely no idea how to dance and is only at the party to impress his crush. He tries to do some nice dance moves, while concentrating on trying not to fall over his own entangled feet. His moves are awkward and clumsy and he is always close to completely embarrass himself. And he certainly does not impress his crush but is more likely to make her leave/repel her. Similar behaviour can be observed with the female shy dancer, although there are some major differences. She is never alone. Everyone knows this bunch of over-excited, annoying girls laughing too loud and dancing in a group of minimum three to max seven or eight girls. The shy dancers amongst them are also there to make a move on their crush, however they are too shy and hide in the group, hoping that their crush finally approaches them with a drink, to steal them away from their friends to have some time alone. This never happens, never. The shy dancer keeps up hope and will be disappointed on the way home, because both, male and female shy dancers are aware that their dancing was too controlled, too restrained and too cautious. They both need a few more drinks and more courage to let go and just enjoy the night.

Source: http://c3e308.medialib.glogster.com/media/74/740468377dafc89368f64201457fa5a9fbe733a15f87601544c68dc466c2206d/alg-stepup-1-jpg.jpg

The last type is the Latina or Latino. The Latina keeps swinging her hips, shaking her bum and wearing dresses or skirts that are way too short. Her dancing is not necessarily bad not really good either and most likely she’s only doing this to get some male attention. This type seems rather desperate, probably also due to the ‘Maastricht Effect’.  The same goes for the Latino. He thinks he’s the hottest guy in the club, although his dancing is miserable and the way he makes a move on girls is highly inappropriate and often touchy and also desperate.

So next time you’re at a club or a house party with some dancing going on, take a minute to look around, identify the different dancing types and maybe discover some more. However, never forget that going out and dancing is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. And whatever category you might be – never stop dancing. And never stop making fun of yourself. Just feel free, enjoy dancing and don’t care about what others think; because the best dancers are the ones that don’t care and just dance.

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