A Journey Deep into the Heart of Maastricht: Part II of II

A Photo Blog by Pino- Sun Becker with Judith Schuermans

Part II carries on this photo narrative of part I, revealing the spirit of some of Maastricht’s people.


Damen, 63

What was the happiest moment in your life?

Having my Children and Grandchildren. 


Tycho, 50

What made you smile today?

The brightness of dawn, and you did, by asking me.

Conrad, 53

If there were one thing you could shout out into the world, what would it be?

To release the world from misery, stop hurting people and give birth to a new earth.


Rudd, 49

If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?

I would like to become more of an extrovert.


Elias, 4

If you hade one free whish, what would that be?

To become a policeman! 


Simon, 21

What is the one thing that distinguishes you from other people?

My motorbike!

Through conducting this project, I have realised something that I was unaware of whilst interviewing on the streets. When deciding on who to ask, we either looked for people who seemed interesting, or those who seemed to be able to fit the question we were about to ask them. But what about the people we didn’t ask? The intent was not to only ask people we anticipated to gain a touching or exciting story from to include in the project. It made me think about how we, as people, distinguish between the interesting and the not interesting and whether or not this was reflected in our results. It is clear that it would be impossible to ask every single person in Maastricht, but how far are the people who were ready to share their story with us representative of the entire population of a town? There is no clear answer to that. What has been gained from this project is a small insight into the people of Maastricht and the strangers we usually just pass by in the street. Behind every photo you have seen in this photo blog, lies a person, with weaknesses, strengths and their own story, which cannot be brought to paper, as it is so complex, so full of feeling, that nothing except actually living it can come close enough to understanding it.

Pino Sun-Becker


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