How much time do we have?

by Yutaro Fujiyama

What will happen?

Having said that it seems like we have a shorter life the longer we live, how much time do we really have?

The life expectancy of a Dutch person is said to be 80.7 years, according to the World Bank. We are around 20 years old thus, regarding the estimation, we have 60 more years to go.

Of course, some of us might die early or much later than others. It is more likely that the life expectancy would rise as the medical technology progresses. I hear some rumour that there is already a vaccine against cancer…

Nevertheless, what can we do with this 60 years that we’ve got?

Some simple calculations: we could see summer or winter Olympics each 15 more times. If you are lucky, you could see the Halley’s comet in 2061 but never again.

The average age of a Dutch woman giving birth is 28.6. By the time you are about 57, your daughter might bring you a granddaughter. Chances of you getting a great-grandchild will be lower since, according to the calculation, you are already 85.

60 years could be expressed as 720 months, 3130 weeks, 525,948 hours, 31,556,926 minutes, or 1.89341556 x 109 seconds. If a song is 4 minutes, each of our lives could be expressed as 7,889,231 songs. If you have 10,000 songs in your computer, and if you listen to them a maximum of 788 times, then you are dead. If you read one book a month, you can read 720 books. I just finished reading one; 719 to go.

What can we see from these data? – actually, nothing. We are not numerical animals, and this data is just an average.

Photo courtesy of ‘iheartberlin’.

Yutaro Fujiyama
Yutaro Fujiyama

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