by Ali Korn

It’s an unpleasant thought for all those summer people amongst us who have been anticipating the inevitable change of wardrobe in August. Addressing those of you who want to just lie down in a foetal curl at the thought of riding their bike to class in the grey and soggy early morning hours, or the poor souls whose landlords find that December at the earliest is an appropriate time to (maybe) talk about fixing the heating.

I feel for your tragedy. While admittedly a big fan of autumn’s charms such as cozy blankets, thick woolen socks and candlelight, I completely understand if warm gear is not nearly enough to make up for the memory of bikinis, cocktails and sunscreen.

You should consider, however, that November is not just the dank countdown to Christmas streetlights, hot punch and the possibility of December snow. There is actually some pleasure on the agenda. Are you aware of the fact that we are now officially entering the most relaxed month of the year? No?

Judging from the fact that we are often eager to adopt all kinds of fun stuff from the land of endless opportunity (like the celebrating of Halloween), why not go a small step further and change the US’s “National Sleep Comfort Month” to the “International Sleep Comfort Month”?

In keeping with the motto, you had hopefully marked down the 4th of November in your calendar as your “Zero Tasking Day”? Rather self-explanatory this one, you were prompted to use this day to enjoy sweet idleness and do absolutely nothing of value.

However, if you happen to be one of those people who tend to get grumpy from too much resting, in November it is absolutely socially acceptable to “Have a Bad Day Day”, namely on the 19th.

And should the autumn blues still firmly have you in his grip by the end of this deeply relaxing month, there is still one more thing to do before you get ready to go to the Christmas market for an ice skating session in the first days of December. Praise the good health you acquired when resting all month long and indulge one last time, on the 30th of November, in the official “Stay at home because you’re well Day”. All those who will be for the greater part staying home for the next gloomy weeks – so long! We will see each other again, well rested in December.

In case I already lost you at the ‘I don’t like autumn’ part and you are actually as active as ever in the murky autumn months, how about a REAL November project? How about making the 22nd a memorable day by declaring your very own 15m² independent? You might then find that you enjoy “Start your own country day”. To success!

Ali Korn

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