Mattress and Mystery: What is lying under your bed?

Kathi and Lisa asked around Maastricht University to find out what you have hiding under there….

1.Erik, 19, European Studies, Völklingen, Germany

Tons of books. I have a little reading corner.

2.Royce, 20, Biology, Texas


Kevin, 20, Psychology, Texas

Body bag. No, just kidding only a huge backpack.

Lorna, 19, Biology, Texas

A suitcase, dust bunnies and one sock. We’re exchange students from the States and don’t have many things with us.

3.Jessica, 23, Arts and Culture, Zurich, Switzerland

I am subrenting a room, so there are empty PET bottles, shoes, dust and empty plastic boxes for grapes from the girl I’m renting the room from.

4.Franziska, 20, European Law, Namibia

Actually, right now: my dirty laundry.

5.Lynn, 21, European Studies, Germany

Two or three bags, a bike helmet and rain pants that my father thought I would need in Maastricht.

6.Frank, 66, has been working for UM front office for the last 23 years, Netherlands


7.Sidney, 26, Jules and You, Curacao

Right now nothing but some dust, Didn’t put anything there on purpose, so it’s clean.

8.Kim, 25, Barista, Eindhoven

Dust, a lot of dust.

9.Yafet, 27, European Studies, Bonn

Nothing. Oh socks. Socks and dust.

10. Tobias, 23, European Studies, Leipzig

Many things. Private stuff. It varies.

11. Renske, 19, Health Sciences, Netherlands

I have a high bed, so there is actually a lot. A desk, shoes and a wardrobe.

12. Johannes, 34, teacher at UM, Austria

A lot of dust and a TV carton.

Interviewed by Kathi Korczoc and Lisa Stepanski

Picture courtesy of Family Guy wiki


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