by Dominika Cimirska

Desperation, anxiety and the feeling of going stir-crazy…

Studying law!

Sounds familiar? Yes, exams are approaching. I don’t think any of us likes being nailed to our chairs, considering the fairly nice weather we had recently, thinking that you could have gone outside (even though you probably wouldn’t go anywhere if you didn’t have exams coming up).

So, how are we going to face this dreadful end-of-the-world-feeling?

Think of something to look forward to after your exams. Fellow students of yours are surely already planning on where and how to celebrate the regained post-exam freedom. Some of you might be going home or planning a short trip before next term starts. If you haven’t planned anything yet, just think of something you could do that will make you feel happy and content (in my case, this would be a large box of ice cream alongside of my favourite TV series).

If you start feeling claustrophobic in your room, why not go for a walk before tackling the next study load. Just try to take a breather every now and then; it will help you to re-focus on your studies and, who knows, maybe the fresh air might improve, I don’t know, something in your head.

Whenever I have exams coming up or assignment due, I tend to do things that could be postponed. My room looks meticulously clean and my fridge is stocked with groceries. Try to set priorities and concentrate on what you’re supposed to be doing. Don’t procrastinate all day and then realise that you wasted all that time doing nothing.

Procrastination is not your friend.

You’re not going like me for saying this but you could possibly try to stay away from Facebook. There, I said it.  I know this is hard. Really, really hard but you could try to “reward” yourself with Facebook-time every couple of hours (after having studied for a while that is).

Having now written all this, perhaps I better go and follow my own advice!

Happy studying

Image courtesy of Tumblr


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