What do you think about… people who wear lots of hair gel?

by Zoë Perry & Barbara Haenen

FACT: the Dutch are amongst the highest consumers of gel in the world. From politicians to frat boys, the phenomenon which is gelling ones hair back is rather popular in the Netherlands. So gelled hair: yay or nay?

 Random man, loving his gel

I’m Dutch, so I’m used to it. I think Dutch guys wear it the most. It’s ok, unless, if when you touch it, it breaks. It should look natural. (Anouk 22, Master in Public Policy and Human Development)

They are disgusting. (Sina, 23)

It always depends on the amount. You definitely shouldn’t look like you just got out of the shower, but I wear some myself, so. (Yannic, 20)

I don’t find it attractive (Charlotte, 19)

I think that’s a Dutch thing (Jessica, 19)

Like law students in Germany? It looks a bit silly. When you have gel it’s not good looking. Law students in Germany all wear gel and the same clothes and it does not look good. (Jessica, 22, European Studies)

I use it, obviously. I don’t really have an opinion, just that you don’t want to see me without gel. (Ruben, 28, employee at FASoS)

I don’t think it’s typically Dutch (about Ruben) He just wears it because he wants to look good. (Ganne, 23)

It looks posh (Elif, 20)

You don’t see it that much anymore- I feel like it has lessened throughout the years. It’s really bad when guys have sleek, long hair with hair gel. That’s the worst. (Mahbobha, 22)

It seems specific to Maastricht. I wonder, where does it come from? (Margot, 21)

It does seem specific to Maastricht. (Pierre, 21)

It’s a good indicator of nationality. (Philipp, 22, student at UCM)

British guys also tend to use hair gel to flick their hair up at the front. (Catriona, 20, student at UCM)


So perhaps the jury is still out on this one! What do you think?

Interviewed by Zoe Perry and Barbara Haenen

Photo courtesy of holytaco.com


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